Welcome to Speargrass, which is a great place to live & play!

Speargrass Community Association (S.C.A.) has established a membership program for residents and property owners within the community and has been running this program for several years now.

In order to become a member of the S.C.A. you must live in or own a property in the community of Speargrass.

A membership to the Speargrass Community Association has the following benefits:

  • S.C.A. members get access to the S.C.A. RV Storage Lot for a discounted rate. 
    • ($200.00-$250.00 depending on stall size) per year for a spot in the RV Storage lot.
  • S.C.A. members receive discounted food/meal costs at community events
  • S.C.A. members get access to several different pages on the community website.
    • These pages include access to the following
      • Resident directory
      • Pet Directory
      • Community Classified pages
      • Photo Galleries
      • Other pages
  • S.C.A. members can advertise local/home-based Business’s in the Speargrass business directory for a discounted rate.
    • member fee of $50.00 per business vs. non-member fee of $125.00 per business

The annual cost of a S.C.A. membership is $50.00 per year and the membership is per household (ie. one membership required for a family of 4). The S.C.A. membership programs runs annually from the 1st of August to the 1st of August the following calendar year. Membership fees are due to be collected every year with the deadline being August 1st.

The fees that the S.C.A. collects from our members are used for community enrichment activities and events. Past projects in our community that were co-funded by our S.C.A. membership fee include: planting flowers at the front entrance, hanging Christmas tree lights in green spaces, the annual spring clean-up event, community Easter egg hunt, S.C.A. fall BBQ and mini golf event, community garage sale, curling events, and other community beautification initiatives.

If you would like to join the S.C.A. please fill out the form below and the membership committee, RV Committee, and the business directory lead will reach out to you with further information based on what you are interested in.